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Quote by
Oliver Van DeMille
George Wythe College
May 17, 1999

"There was a time when history ruled the world. Sages, scientists, generals, artists, kings and merchants used history as the central textbook, and made decisions based on the lessons of the past. Indeed, to be educated meant to know history, to be able to build on the best successes of humanity and avoid its errors. And God is a central figure in history, the central figure. No honest reader of history can doubt that the great men and women of history were influenced by their religions, beliefs and relationships with God. Our world needs a return to a widespread study of history, a resurgence of heroes and stories which anchor difficult choices, and a restoration of the storytelling method which teaches historical fact in the exciting format of stories. Dan Hunter has provided just such a beginning. Young people who internalize the lessons taught in this work will find their lives changed and themselves improved. And, by coming face-to-face with the greatest men and women of the past, they will begin to seek their own greatness."


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I began writing these stories in 1993, when I became a teacher at Benjamin Franklin Academy, a home school/private school organization, while living in Portland Oregon. I found that the stories behind all the facts and figures made history come alive for myself and for my students. At the beginning of a school year students could not recall many facts when we would review the previous days’ lessons. With practice, as the year progressed, those recall sessions were never long enough for the students to recall all that they could remember. It was thrilling to watch as history came alive for them, and I certainly felt more fulfilled as a teacher.

Originally, I had no intent to publish these stories, or even put together a history curriculum, but after the request of many fellow teachers and parents, these volumes are the result. When I decided to publish them, I tried to go back to the sources used to write the stories, and give proper credit to authors of quotes or other information I used. This has not always been possible, as I do not remember where they all came from, or, after several family moves, the source is no longer available to reference. That is why now and again there is a quote without the source listed.

Author of Living History Books Series--Dan Hunter